Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Hello.....HI....This thing still on?? Oh you are still here?!?!?! That's awesome. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Ben, but you already knew that. This is Salt City Foodie!!!! And we are back in action. The topics remain the same: #CoffeeThoughts where I discuss life #PizzaProject where I rate and score pizza #Kitchen101 where... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – New York City Style Part 1

You knew it was gonna happen. How could it not right? How can anyone possibly even think of talking about pizza without bringing up some slice shops in New York City? For me, that is where this all started. I grew up in New York City, that is the standard to which all other pizza... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – What Is It?

Oh wow, hey. I almost forgot what it was like in here!!! Anyway, I'M BAAAAAACK!!!!! Took some time off for some self-care and get my focus back. However, I am back and ready to review pizza, provide cooking tips and random thoughts over coffee!!!! So let us talk about #PizzaProject because I do not think... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – Twin Trees III

With 6 locations in and around Syracuse, NY, Twin Trees has, for better or for worse, become somewhat synonymous with pizza in Syracuse. With that said, I only reviewed 1 location for this post and that was Twin Trees III in North Syracuse. I have however been to other Twin Trees locations, more on that... Continue Reading →

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