#PizzaProject – Twin Trees III


With 6 locations in and around Syracuse, NY, Twin Trees has, for better or for worse, become somewhat synonymous with pizza in Syracuse. With that said, I only reviewed 1 location for this post and that was Twin Trees III in North Syracuse. I have however been to other Twin Trees locations, more on that later.


Twins Trees pizza is unmistakable. If you do not think you have had pizza from there you have. How do you know? They are the only pizza shop I have ever seen to cut a round pie into strips rather than traditional triangular slices. Weird, I know. I guess if you are someone who likes to violate your pizza by dipping it into ranch dressing than this is the perfect dipping pizza strip for you. Otherwise, this makes about as much sense as pineapple on pizza. 

Now, like I said, I have been to other Twin Trees locations and I can honestly say, I do not like their pizIMG_2306za. Not even a little bit. It always tastes bland and generic. I am impressed by their consistency. Every pizza tastes the same, no matter which Twin Trees location I go to. Well, at least I used to be impressed by that, until recently. Scott Weiner, of Scotts Pizza Tours out of NYC was recently in town giving a talk at Syracuse University, and doing what he does best – going to different pizza shops. In his Instagram story, he revealed something I found to be quite shocking. Twin Trees III pre-preps their dough into pies. I am not talking a few for the day, I am talking all their projected pies for the next day. This to me is ridiculous. This is not a fresh pizza. Without going into too much about dough making, a dough will vary every time based on temperature, humidity etc. This to me puts Twin Trees III on the same, mass produced level as Dominos pizza. 

Ok so, let us talk about the large cheese pie I picked up on Wednesday night, shall we? When I go home with my pizza and opened it up I was very disappointed. There was an abundance of dark burnt spots, the pizza strips were not equal and the pie itself was oblong and not round. It was very sloppily put into the box causing the strips to shift, something that wouldn’t usually happen with traditional slices. The outer crust did have a nice golden brown coloring to it, though the underside of the pizza was very light and almost underdone. I assume my dough was taken out of cold storage and pulled from the oven when the fresh toppings were done, but the dough was cold and therefore needed more time, but I cannot be sure. However, the crust was nice and thing so it is passable. The sauce, at least what little sauce there was, was overly sweet and had a finish of raw garlic. It tasted like a mass prepped jarred sauce that was then added to. The cheese was actually good. It tasted like a good quality mozzarella that was both salty and sweet with that light smoky flavor a good mozzarella will have. The cheese to was ratio was completely off. there was a good amount of cheese and next to no sauce. Overall, this pizza was an unsurprising disappointment.

IMG_2319So lets look at the scores:

  • Crust – 2.5 (golden brown outer crust, thin, no snap, the underside was light and almost underdone)
  • Cheese – 3 (good mix of salty/sweet, light smoky flavor, no “cheese pull”)
  • Sauce – 2 (overly sweet, tasted jarred with hints of raw garlic)
  • Cheese:sauce ratio – 2.5 (Proper amount of cheese with very little sauce to hold the cheese to the crust)
  • Appearance – 2 (golden outer crust, dark burnt spots, unequal strip sizes, sloppy appearance in the box)

Overall score – 2.4 

Overall, this was not a good pizza. I also know I am very much in the minority with my opinion, however, I will stand behind my opinion.

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