View From The Counter


I am not a professional chef, I have never spent time in a professional kitchen. However, I have done a ton of research into what life is like inside a kitchen. The flow, the sounds, the seemingly choreographed dance of line cooks, an expeditor at the pass and server staff. The unique language, “2 eggs benny on the fly” “2 eggs benny, heard” “table 3 to the pass for Heather”. It is fascinating to me. If you have ever watched an episode of Hell’s Kitchen you have no doubt heard and seen this same thing. However, when I go to Nestico’s Too I love to sit up at the counter and watch it right there in front of me.

IMG_1914.JPGNestico’s Too is a little coffee shop nestled in Camillus, NY. They offer a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. While I am sure their lunch and dinner menu are excellent, it is their breakfast menu I go for. Their food is always consistent. It is good food, at a good price. Their service is quick and you never have to wait long after you order but all the food is made fresh.

Growing up in New York City, I am used to the coffee shop/Diner scene. This establishment captures that feel for me perfectly.  Watching the kitchen staff of about 5-6 cooks seamlessly pushing out countless plates of meals while simultaneously avoiding contact with one another in a tight narrow kitchen space. Waitresses grabbing stacks of plates from the pass, grabbing coffee and drinks, squeezing behind each other in a narrow tight counter space without dropping a thing.


For me, sitting at the counter, watching the staff do this sort of dance around each other, gives me, if only for a moment, a glimpse into a world I love and admire so much. As I have spoken about numerous times on this site, I have found a real passion for cooking and if it were feasible would pursue a future in cooking. That seat at that counter, if only for the time of my meal, affords me to live vicariously through the staff.

If you are looking for a good Sunday Brunch, then head to Nestico’s Too. I recommend getting there early and avoiding the after church crowd. Take a seat in the dining room, however, I feel recommend taking a seat at the counter and watching the magic unfold

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