#PizzaProject – Varsity Pizza

It is a Syracuse University institution. Ask anyone around this town and they have either have a story about Varsity Pizza or at the very least know what it is and where it is. Elli Darmoyslis has been making piza at Varsity for 50 years. Varsity is one of those places you need to not judge... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – The Brick Oven at Delta Sonic

Ok, so the #PizzaProject has taken me to a few different places around Syracuse, NY. Some have been good, some have been ok. None have been super bad. Through my travels, I have realized that a place does not have to be a traditional pizzeria to be good at making pizza. For example, if you... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – Cams Pizzeria

On this edition of the #PizzaProject, I went to Cam's Pizzeria in Camillus, NY. Cam's is a franchise in Upstate New York. They boast themselves as a New York style pizzeria. They offer many different slices as well as wings, appetizers, subs and pasta dishes. Overall, this was a decent slice. The cheese and cheese... Continue Reading →

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