#PizzaProject – The Brick Oven at Delta Sonic

Ok, so the #PizzaProject has taken me to a few different places around Syracuse, NY. Some have been good, some have been ok. None have been super bad. Through my travels, I have realized that a place does not have to be a traditional pizzeria to be good at making pizza. For example, if you... Continue Reading →

#PizzaProject – San Remo and Antonio’s Liverpool Pizzeria

Today on the #PizzaProject I will review two pizzerias. We will look at Antonio's Liverpool Pizzeria and San Remo Pizzeria. For this edition, the pizza from San Remo was a pepperoni pie because well...I had a coupon for a free large pie. Let's start with Antonio's Liverpool Pizzeria - Located in the Bayberry Plaza in... Continue Reading →

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