#PizzaProject – New York City Style Part 1

You knew it was gonna happen. How could it not right? How can anyone possibly even think of talking about pizza without bringing up some slice shops in New York City? For me, that is where this all started. I grew up in New York City, that is the standard to which all other pizza... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Go Home

January 1st, 2008, I moved out of my parents' house in Bayside, Queens and moved in with some friends in Oswego, NY. In a week, it will be exactly 10 years, a decade, since I have been out on my own, and it has not been all roses and sunshine. After going to college at... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

It is 6am Thanksgiving morning and I could not sleep last night. We are hosting our first Thanksgiving in the house, and I am excited. That is not why I cannot sleep. We prepped everything we could last night but still have a ton of cooking to do this morning and early afternoon. That is... Continue Reading →

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