They Do Not Fully Prepare You

It has been 13 months since my life completely changed for ever. I was wheeled into an operating room. I had 6 small incisions cut into my body, had probes inserted and they cut away at my stomach making a small egg sized pouch and re-routing my intestines. This, folks, is gastric bypass surgery. Prior... Continue Reading →

#CoffeeThoughts – It Is Ok To Not Hit Your Goals

We all set goals. Whether it is to lose weight, save money, get up at a certain time, or whatever. We all set a plan to complete a task. Sometimes it is easy goals and we achieve them with ease such as taking lunch to work instead of buying. Other times we work our hardest... Continue Reading →

It Has Been A Crazy Year

So I started this post yesterday. It is a very personal, emotional and raw post. Something I normally do not do but I felt it needed to be done. This post has been the hardest post I have ever written. A lot of it is a free-flowing stream of consciousness about the topic so please... Continue Reading →

Time after time

It is cliche to say but we as a people need to start living in the moment and not think about what could have or should have been. I never truly understood this concept. I mean honestly, my life up until now has been a ball of anxiety where I lay up at night worried... Continue Reading →

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