Wearable Technology Revisited

So a few years back, Smartwatches started to hit the market and Pebble was the leader. Me being the early adopter that I am purchased a Pebble Smartwatch and within 24 hours returned it. The thing that bothered me about it was that every notification I was getting on my phone was also pushed to the... Continue Reading →

Apple Once Again Pulls The Wool Over Our Eyes, and We Fall For It

So yesterday Apple had its annual fall dog and pony show to showcase their new fall product line. If you read the post on what to expect, It was pretty spot on. Mac OS X release date was not officially announced however was a hidden announcement when previewing features in the mail app of iOS... Continue Reading →

Apple Event: What to Expect

So Apple has an Event tomorrow. Makes sense. Apple's fiscal year is just starting, believe it or not Christmas is around the corner so time for a the annual fall Apple Event. Here is what to expect from tomorrows dog and pony show. iPhone 6s - Believe it or not it has been a year... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch – Buy or Sell?

So, the Apple Watch is here. Well technically not until April 24 but still. We now officially have a release date, April 24, as well as a price point of $349....WAIT!!!!!! HOW MUICH????? That's right folks, the Apple Watch will start retailing for $349 and go up to around $15,000.....FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.....let that sink in... Continue Reading →

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