#PizzaProject – Utica Pizza Company

#PizzaProject is an ongoing quest to find the best pizza. All pizza slices are ranked based on the same criteria – Quality of the cheese, the flavor of the sauce, the ratio of cheese to sauce, the dough/crust and overall appearance of the pizza. These scores are then averaged for an overall ranking number. Have a place you think needs to be reviewed? Drop me an email and let me know.


Last week, while busy Christmas shopping, we stopped off and grabbed a pizza from Utica Pizza Company in North Syracuse. This was not the first time we had been there, however it was actually the first time we had gotten a pizza from there. Typically we would get a pasta dish or a calzone but never pizza. However, a large pie for $9.99 is always a good price.

I was excited to finally try to the pizza. When you walk into the restaurant you see the giant pizza oven, along with an open prep area where you can watch the pizzaiolo prepare a raw ball of dough into, what I believe, is the greatest of all foods…pizza!!

We waited our 20 minutes and took the pizza home. The aroma that filled the car was intoxicating. Seriously, is there anything better in this world than the smell of oven fresh pizza? I do not think so!!!!

IMG_1193.JPGHowever, tragically, this is where the fun ends for Utica Pizza Company. When we got home and put the pizza on the counter, I was beyond disappointed in what I saw. I opened the box up to reveal a colorless, pale looking pizza. One with too much cheese, and clearly visible uncooked semolina flour on the crust. Worst of all the pizza appeared to be uncut. I knew right away that this was going to be an epic disappointment. However, like any good critic, I put those feelings aside and I sat down to eat the slice and give it a fair shot. After all, you should never judge a book by its cover, and who knew maybe this pizza would surprise me and actually be really good.

So, I took the first slice and the cheese pull that came off that first slice was impressive. Ok so maybe first appearances are not everything and this slice was going to be good.

Yea..about that…

When I folded the slice and took it off the place it just flopped over like a dead fish and the cheese just feel right off the slice. So now I have to review a naked slice of pizza, awesome. This did give me the opportunity though to see how much sauce was on the slice and to get a sense of its flavor without the cheese. There was next to no sauce and it was flat with absolutely no flavor. The cheese was a very sweet mozzarella, and it was missing that saltiness that comes from a good quality cheese. The crust its self was light in color, and too doughy with no crunch or snap, and it 100% did not hold up to the fold.

Overall, Utica Pizza Company was a complete disaster,


  • Crust – 2.5 (light, doughy, floppy, not bite, uncooked semolina flour)
  • Cheese – 2 (sweet, not salty)
  • Sauce – 2 (flat, no flavor, no seasoning)
  • Cheese to Sauce ratio – 1.5 (90/10 cheese to sauce, Sauce is the glue that holds the cheese to the crust the right balance is 65/35, 65% cheese, 35% sauce)
  • Appearance – 2.5 ( light and pale color, not cut through, visible uncooked flour)

Overall – 2.1

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