I Do Not Sleep In.


5:00 AM…Like clockwork, no pun intended. Every day, as if by magic or intuition, I wake up at 5am. I do not sleep in. I never have. Well, that’s not 100% true. I used to be a night owl.

Sleep all day, Party all night, never get old, never day ~ Lost Boys

That was my motto, from the movie The Lost Boys. When I worked on the ambulance, I craved the night. 6pm-6am was my ideal shift. I craved that sort of isolation of working all night and sleeping all day when everyone else was usually up and doing things. Then something changed. I began wanting the normal life, the 9-5. Except I never was a morning person. Now, 34 years old, and I am 100% a morning person.

I do not sleep in. Days off, vacation, weekends. These are all synonymous in our society with sleeping in and relaxing. Not for me. As I have written about before, I love listening to the world come alive. I used to love watching the world go to sleep and being the overnight caretaker of sorts. I used to love watching and interacting with the creatures of the night, the dwellers of the dark.

I do not know when or where it changed. I do not how or why either. However, now I crave the isolation of early morning. The silence in the house, the freshness of the day, the aroma of the coffee brewing fresh. I crave watching and listening to the world around me wake up. I find mornings relaxing, it is my time to reflect, to meditate in my own way. It is my time to think, contemplate the world and my place in it. Getting up at 5am every day, being alone downstairs in the silence, as my wife and dog sleep peacefully upstairs. I crave this time to myself.

I do not sleep in…

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