#CoffeeThoughts | Landing My Dream Job


For years, I have chased the notion of working my “dream job”. However, I never once could tell you what that was. Was it to be a Paramedic? An Entrepreneur? I have flirted with the idea of becoming a chef, web programmer, a YouTube personality, I have tried desperately to become internet famous, I have tried to be a writer. None of these, however, were or are the dream job. Turns out the dream job was and is one that gave me the work-life balance I wanted while allowing me to provide for my family. The question now is, what does that look like. That may, in fact, be the most subjective question ever. What work-life balance looks like for me will not be the same for anyone else.

IMG_93581For the last few years, I have bounced around from quite a few dead-end jobs. These jobs were mainly in call centers. For those that never worked in a call center, they will in fact cause you to become dead inside. It is the same thing every day. You repeat the same script 80 times a day. Your employer will lie to you and tell you they care about you and that there is so much room for advancement as long as put the work in. This could not be further from the truth. All they give a shit about are the numbers. How many calls handled, how many calls missed, did you sell enough. They do not care about the customer service you provide just the end result. As far as advancement, it is a joke. The people who are good at their job never get promoted because they do not want to take them off the phones and those who absolutely suck are the ones promoted and given the raise. However, the call center did give me 9-5 hours, despite having to work Saturdays. So I was, working 9-5, I did not have to bring work home with me, this was perfect. Turns out I was wrong. I felt dumb, I felt like a robot. Turns out this answered the question, what is my dream job?

adult-books-business-374016.jpgFor me, my dream job looks like this; an office setting, part of a team, my own workspace, using my brain and being an asset to the company I am working for. So I started looking and 3 months ago I landed just that. My dream job. I took a position as a medical receptionist for a very busy general and bariatric surgery practice in Syracuse, NY. After 3 months of learning as much as I can and showing I am reliable, trustworthy and organized, I got promoted to a bariatric surgical scheduler. I go to work every day and face new challenges, I have to think outside the box to work with patients, doctors, and insurance companies to get surgery and procedures approved. I work with a team to make sure the doctor, patient, and everyone involved is aware of what is going on. I leave at the end of the day proud of the work I do and feeling mentally fulfilled.

I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am living my dream and I am living my best life.


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