How To Brew A Great Cup Of Coffee At Home According To A Professional Coffee Roaster.

This blog post is a little different. I love coffee, however, I just use a basic run of the mill 5-cup coffee maker I bought at Walmart. So, in order to help you, the home cook, brew a great cup of coffee, I enlisted a good buddy of mine. This post was written by my good friend Anthony, or “BabyBear” I hope you enjoy.


Hello, my name is Anthony “BabyBear” I am the lead production roaster for the Workshop department at La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia, Pa. My coffee journey started about 7 years ago in Syracuse, NY at Dunkin Donuts. Today you’ll find me roasting on a Diedrich CR-50 kilo roaster while listening to some Phish jams. I am dedicated and passionate about educating people about coffee and building communities. @roaster_anthony


Tools you will need to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home:
Burr grinder.
Brewing device.
Whole bean coffee.
Water and or a kettle.
The first thing you are going to want to do is to go to your local roaster and grab a bag of coffee.
(I always enjoy choosing an Ethiopian coffee. Typically a clean cup of coffee with tasting notes of peach, black tea, and lemon.)
Now, depending on how much time you have to brew coffee you can either brew a pour over which will take a bit more time and a little bit technical. Or you can brew on the Behmor connected brewer. This is currently my favorite way of brewing. Wanna know why? It’s Bluetooth. That’s right you can control your brew from your phone or tablet. When setting up your brew you can also have control over your brew size, contact time, and brew temperature. These are very important aspects of brewing good coffee. The function that I love the most is that you can set a recipe on the app so it remembers every time how to brew that coffee when you set it. Do you know what this means? As long as the coffee is already in the filter basket and have your water inside you can brew your coffee from your bed! If you are looking to replace your current coffee maker I suggest this one:
Lets Brew!
I typically brew a 6 cup pot with 60 grams of coffee. That’s okay if you don’t have a scale that’s roughly 4 tablespoons. Having a burr grinder on site is helpful for consistency and precise grind size. Your grind size is very important. I like to stay around the size of table salt to coarser than table salt. The great thing about this brewer is you just need to pour your water to the line of your desired brew size. You can either use the filter provided (I don’t suggest using it) You can order these filters that work perfectly:
The app will prompt you to choose the parameters of your brew.
(I suggest messing around with these functions along with grind size until you find your desired taste.)
The carafe that comes with the brewer will keep your coffee hot for hours! Once your brew is done you’re ready to drink and enjoy.

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