#PizzaProject – San Remo and Antonio’s Liverpool Pizzeria


Today on the #PizzaProject I will review two pizzerias. We will look at Antonio’s Liverpool Pizzeria and San Remo Pizzeria. For this edition, the pizza from San Remo was a pepperoni pie because well…I had a coupon for a free large pie.

Let’s start with Antonio’s Liverpool Pizzeria –


Located in the Bayberry Plaza in Liverpool, NY, Antonio’s is a great slice joint with a wide array of menu items as well. They also have $1 slices on Mondays


For me, so far, this is the closest I have found that matches NYC Pizza. The crust has a subtle snap and crispness, the cheese to sauce ratio is spot on every time and the cheese quality is such that the cheese is stingy but you can fold the slice without grease dripping all over. The sauce is a savory sauce with a sweet finish.

  • Crust – 4
  • Cheese – 3.5
  • Sauce – 3.5
  • Cheese to sauce ratio – 4
  • Appearance – 4.5

Overall – 4

Time to move on to San Remo –


This was the first time I have had their pizza and I was impressed. It was the first place I walked into and it felt like a traditional NYC Slice shop – small, simple no big in your face menu. They were very busy and understaffed. This time I got a pepperoni pizza because I had a coupon. I went with pepperoni because it would be the closest to a traditional IMG_0090cheese. The look of the pie was ok. The sauce to cheese ratio was off with the sauce going past the cheese to the edge. The cheese quality was subpar, it had no stingy pull, it separated from the crust with ease and was salty. The sauce was good with a sweet start but savory finish. the best part of this pizza was the crust. it was crisp but light, however they used to much semolina flour which left uncooked flour on the bottom of the pizza


  • Crust – 4
  • Cheese – 2.5
  • Sauce – 3
  • Cheese to sauce ratio – 3
  • Appearance – 2.5

Overall – 3


So what pizzeria should I try next for the #PizzaProject?

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